I thought I should begin this newly curated website with an introduction. An overview of everything that is to come after – a goal, an objective, a means for you, my reader, to continually find yourself revisiting these electronic pages. But as I sit here, I am scattered with a number of ideas. So let these pages contain exactly that, an array of ambiguous thoughts.



about the writer

Salut! Je m’appelle Lucy. It sounds better in French, oui?

I have left this component blank for a while now. It is not me trying to be modest or anything, it is just that I have never had to tell a person who I am. Instead, they have gotten to know me themselves. And even then I am not sure if that depicts the entire picture. Could I be understood with time? Do I give an accurate representation of myself?

My CV tells you little about who I am. I am a graduate student studying mathematics. So, without venturing out onto my Instagram page or my blog, how would I look like to you? Would I wear glasses? Would I be male or female? Would I wear unappealing clothes? If I had told you I was a former shopaholic, would you imagine a yogi living in the jungle with a dozen or so shopping bags? And if you had met me and I happened to be funny and talkative, would you take me as an introvert? Would you sum me up with a sample of adjectives and nouns and would you then, put a bow on it?

If I am being contradictory, let me simplify this for you.

Someone once told me that I‘m indescribable, that I am a vast amount of things put together.

So let me be that.

And if that is not enough for you, then let these words be a placeholder for who I am right now. Let this depicition be some version of me while you read this, while it is here. But not have it be me entirely, completely, and not have it be all of me.

I am a person going through life. I am constantly inspired by my environment. And it is exactly that, that has me pushed and pulled to different ends of the atmosphere. I am a dreamer and a realist. I don’t believe in settling. Neither do I believe that all risks comes with great rewards.

I am spending the remaining months of 2019 and all of 2020 (and forever) challenging myself . Right now, that means finding balance in my life and prioritizing my happiness. Balance for me, means pulling all my insecurities and naivety to the surface, settling into all my discomfort, learning from genuine curiousity and taking a million and one different directions towards living (all of which are acceptable).

As I document my life here, I hope it will inspire you to maximize your life.



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